Dive into some of the most exciting and controversial topics in gaming, tech, and marketing. Learn about gaming’s newest controversy (via League of Legends), discover how close we are to getting Ethereum ETFs, and get insights on the latest salvo in the long-running feud between Apple and Epic Games.


  • 00:00 – Cold open: League of Legends, Faker Skin, NFTs
  • 02:23 – Introduction and sponsor message
  • 02:53 – Ethereum ETF path to trading
  • 7:00 – Epic Games Store coming to UK iOS
  • 12:12 – Closing and sponsor message

League of Legends “Faker” skin controversy

Their is a bit of an uproar surrounding the new League of Legends (LoL) “Faker” skin – priced at a staggering $500 at its highest tier. Gamers are expressing their frustration over this hefty price tag, questioning the value and accessibility of such exclusive content. What’s more, the skin seems to operate a lot like an NFT in some ways, despite not using blockchain technology – but it encapsulates all the negatives of web3 with none of the upsides.

Ethereum ETF on the path to trading

In significant financial news that could impact the web3 and gaming landscapes, the SEC has unexpectedly approved a rule change that paves the way for spot Ethereum (ETH) ETFs to be traded on stock exchanges. This isn’t a complete green light yet, but it’s a substantial step forward, signaling a likely final approval soon.

Key steps for Ethereum ETFs:

  1. Completed: US SEC approved applications from stock exchanges to list ETH ETFs.
  2. Still to Do: ETH ETF Issuers must get the green light before products can launch.
  3. Still to Do: First trade.

This development is particularly meaningful, even to gaming, because, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is more than just digital money. It operates as underlying infrastructure – powering much of the web3 ecosystem – including web3 games. Games Growth with Upptic Host Warren Woodward summarizes it like this: “If Bitcoin is gold, Ethereum is oil.” The approval of Ethereum ETFs could further legitimize web3 gaming and boost its adoption.

Epic Games Store and Fortnite Coming to UK iOS

Epic Games has announced that the Epic Games Store and Fortnite will be available on Apple’s iOS in the United Kingdom by the second half of 2025 – thanks to new competition laws. This marks a significant return since Epic’s legal battle with Apple over alleged antitrust violations in 2020.

Key Points:

  • Epic Games Store and Fortnite are already slated to launch in the EU in 2024.
  • New laws in the EU and UK have enabled this expansion.
  • Apple is likely to scrutinize Epic Games’ products closely, pushing back as much as legally possible.

For many in the gaming ecosystem, this is likely to be a welcome move by Epic Games. Many smaller studios would benefit from the Epic Games Store’s smaller fees vs. the Apple App Store (or Google Play). Additionally, many will likely appreciate Epic Games continuing to use their power to challenge industry giants – which can benefit the gaming ecosystem as a whole.

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