Growth Platform for Games Marketing

Supercharge your marketing team and scale with confidence

Games growth insight, analytics, and workflow tools to unify your user acquisition, data, and creative teams – and drive profitable growth.

Built by game marketers for game marketers

Upptic manages hundreds of millions of dollars in profitable marketing budget for the world’s leading mobile, PC and web3 game companies.

The Upptic platform is a unified hub for growth and game publishing built to solve the pain we’ve faced during our years of game marketing.

What does the Upptic Platform do?

The Upptic platform is comprised of five modules:

Understand the impact of every dollar with granular cross-platform reporting to scale your game with confidence.

User Acquisition

Forecast spend, revenue, and profitability to align your growth, analytics, and business teams.

web3 community growth

Boost your organic performance with automated app store testing to get the most out of every page visit.

web3 community growth

Track, analyze, and seamlessly optimize your growth across Discord and Twitter to maximize your community impact.

Upptic creative management tool

Streamline your creative team’s production, feedback, timelines, and asset deployment in a unified creative hub.

Give your game growth team the insights and tools you need to quickly make the critical decisions.

Battle-tested and proven across multiple chart-toping game launches.

Upptic Growth Platform Core Features

User acquisition analytics and cross-platform reporting

Understand the impact of every ad dollar across every platform, channel, geography, placement, and ad creative.

Measure and forecast budget spend and revenue across your entire portfolio.

iOS attribution solved with our predictive SKAN revenue modeling – no conversion values required!

User Acquisition

Forecast for profitability and deciding growth targets.

Identify buying targets by marketing segment (geo, channel, and more) with a living buying model.

Set ROAS goals specified for your business with customizable payback window, organic uplift, and SKAN modeling.

Unify your marketing, creative, and executive teams by measuring against a single source of truth.

web3 community growth

Community growth measurement for organic marketing

Analyze and optimize your community growth strategy across Discord and Twitter.

Quickly scale Discord tracking, and manage Discord invites directly within the Upptic platform.

Measure the impact and engagement of your influencers, partnerships, campaigns, and community members.

Creative workflow management

Streamline your creative team’s production, feedback, timeline, and asset deployment in a unified creative hub.

Replace your expensive standalone digital asset management system with a unified workflow, storage, and performance platform.

Understand creative performance across any dimension or concept to unify your creative and business teams.

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