Advertisign agency ripping off mobile developers

The agency business model is Broken

Hate the typical agency business models? So do we. Ad agencies charge based on a percentage of ad spend. This means agencies only make money by convincing you to spend more dollars on advertising, whether or not it’s right for your business.

There’s a better way to do mobile marketing.

Here are a few ways we’re Different

We align our business goals with yours
The Upptic team comes from a developer background and have a vision for a different type of marketing consultancy that empowers our development partners by aligning our business goals with yours.
We are selective about our partnerships
We say no to most potential partnerships. We focus on long term engagements where we know we can drive value. We focus on ROAS (return on ad spend), not volume of advertising dollars, driving to increase your net profit and only scale your mobile marketing when it makes sense for your business (this should go without saying but it’s not how most agencies work!).
We embed with your team
Our team comes from an app marketing background and is comprised of 3 core pillars - User Acquisition, Data Science / Analytics, and Creative Direction / Production.
We build a custom team of experts to fit your specific needs.
Our technology is your technology
Our tech is your tech. We never upsell our tech to our growth services clients, we focus on using the best tool for the job to foster success. Plus you get access to all our in-house tech free as part of our partnership.
growth team designing scalable programs for mobile app marketing

Tools & Experts

Our partners get access to our best-in-class in-house growth tool chain, that means reporting, automation, app store optimization and any other in-house tools we build.

We also audit your tech stack, identify areas for improvement, and work with your team and/or third party providers to bring in or build an optimal toolset and workflow.

And you own it. A key feature of our partnership is to leave the house better than we found it. We don’t believe in creating dependencies. For that reason everything we build in our partnership will be owned by your team and you’ll be able to use it should we ever part ways.

We charge a
flat rate

You would never tell your internal marketing team: “today your goal is to spend as much money as possible”. Why partner with a company who has that goal?

We charge a flat rate, effectively a proxy for team time, to ensure Upptic and your team's incentives are always aligned.

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99th Percentile User Acquisition
Kevin O’Niel
Owner, Candywriter
Upptic has been integral in supporting LBC's growth through strong leadership, marketing strategy development and execution.

They provide everything from creative process and content creation, buying models, data analysis and UA execution.
Solon Bucholtz
CEO/Co-Founder, LBC Studios
Working with Upptic is like having a full performance marketing department at your service!

They pulled out all the stops, putting together a full team to help us reach our growth goals!
Luis de la Camara
CMO, Genera Games

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