Creative Development

What is creative development?

Creative development is the process of concepting and refining messaging or artistic direction with the goal of driving an outcome. In the context of growth marketing and game publishing, the creative development process is often focused on concepting, producing, and refining creative messaging, positioning or advertising to drive user adoption.

Creative development is a critical business lever because audience engagement with a creative asset (and therefore cost per action or revenue) can fluctuate wildly based on its resonance. Understanding the nuances of what messaging, compels what behavior, on which platform, is critical for leveraging creative production as a growth lever for gaming.

Creative performance is constrained or amplified by aligning messaging with the medium of a product and audience. For example, mobile game consumers have been conditioned to understand and accept mobile ads as a medium for driving game growth. Conversely, web3 gaming audiences are primarily cryptocurrency enthusiasts with an inherent aversion to advertising but an affinity for referrals and partnerships with trusted web3 communities.

Understanding your audience, developing a hypothesis around to message, producing creative to test the hypothesis, deploying creative assets to the audience, and measuring the results is the flywheel for effective creative development.

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