App Store Optimization

What is app store optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization is the practice of increasing the discoverability and conversion rate within an app store (such as Apple’s iOS App Store or Google’s Android Play Store). App store optimization (ASO) is often described search engine optimization (SEO) for the app store. ASO is split into two disciplines: app discover and app store conversion.

App discover optimization is the process of improving an apps visibility as users browse the app store. Most commonly this focuses on optimizing an apps name, subtitle, and description to align with keywords that have search volume and low competition. Discover also incorporates featuring, promotion and search ranking.

App store conversion testing is the process of running A/B or multivariate tests to understand the impact of different creative assets on a users propensity to download an app. The key testing variables of ASO conversion testing are icon, screenshot, video, feature image, title, and description.

App store optimization tests can either be run natively (on App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android) or more quickly and efficiently through an automated app store testing tool.

Automated App Store Optimization Example