User Acquisition is complicated. Successfully investing UA budgets at scale requires a multidisciplinary approach combining creative ideation and development, operational rigor, in-depth data analysis, statistical modeling, business savvy and a mastery of interlocking technological systems. Each of these components requires expertise, tooling and human resources to operate effectively.

With so many interlocking cross-disciplinary functions working together, it’s dangerously easy to overlook high-impact components of your marketing funnel. At Upptic, we believe App Store Optimization (ASO) is the most neglected yet critical component of a mobile product and marketing funnel.

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Why is App Store Optimization important?

App Store Optimization has always been a critical component of any holistic approach to mobile app marketing. It’s the first or second touchpoint every potential user has with your app, frames their initial experience, and heavily impacts their likelihood to convert and ultimately monetize in your app.

Mobile Advertising Marketing Funnel

Let’s frame our thinking about ASO in terms of a user experience lifecycle for a typical mobile app.

To state the obvious, the earlier in the marketing funnel a user touchpoint occurs, the more users experience it and the higher impact a conversion lift will have on your business. This is why savvy mobile marketers focus with laser precision on User Acquisition as their core lever when exploring opportunities for effective growth.

To be clear, this focus on User Acquisitions is a very rational strategy. At Upptic our Growth Services team specializes in scaling mobile acquisition to massive profitable scale for some of the industries largest apps. However, when we surveyed the marketplace it was clear that the existing products for ASO are expensive, inefficient, manual, and focused solely on basic A/B testing.

We weren’t satisfied with the currently available App Store Optimization products and knew there had to be a better way.

App Store Optimization: Manual Testing (The Old Way)

When we analyzed the current state of app store optimization we discovered several clear opportunities for innovation. Historically, app store optimization vendors focus on one-off tests, which comes with a suite of serious issues.

Manual app store testing setupManual, per test setup

Traditional ASO systems require the user to set up one off tests each time they want to try new assets. This is slow, error prone and allows only simple A/B or A/B/C testing ignoring the complex network of variables which compels users to ultimately download an app.

Slimited app store reportingplit Test Focused

Being split test focused, traditional testing suites have no concept of conversion over the lifecycle of your app. You manually set up an A/B test, manually choose a winner, and manual convert learnings to the app store. Traditional systems keep no record of how your app’s conversion performs over time or what ongoing and constantly improving app store looks like.

app store monitoringNeeds constant monitoring

Because of the one-off testing focus in historical ASO platforms, it becomes someone’s responsibility to monitor both the testing tool (to choose winners and set up the next test) and the UA campaigns that are feeding the tests to ensure you aren’t wasting budget.

Needless to say, this process is inefficient, created lots of busy work and was such a headache most companies we surveyed either spent inordinate resources on testing or neglected the field altogether.

Upptic Automated App Store Optimization: Modern ASO

Our vision for App Store Optimization is to streamline and automate the workflow and testing process to make it simple, easy and incredibly profitable to run an ongoing ASO testing for your app. After months of successful internal testing we’re excited to finally announce, it’s here!

In fact our first major test case, Atari’s RollerCoaster Tycoon mobile, saw an incremental conversion lift of 21.7% in installs (that’s a lot of extra revenue)!

Upptic Automated App Store Optimization Start for Free

How it works

With Upptic ASO you set up your app once, upload as much creative as you want, configure your testing traffic and simply let our algorithm run. Your store page will literally evolve and improve before your eyes as you send traffic to it, with zero human oversight required. Whenever your page improves, we’ll notify you through the app and email. At any point you can export the winning page with a single click to send to your development team.

Let’s break it down to more succinct pieces.

configure app for creative app store testingConfigure your App and Upload Creative

To get started, complete a one-time setup and import all your ASO elements – App Icons, Screenshots, Featured Graphics, Names, Titles, and Description.

configure app testing trafficConfigure your Testing Traffic

Configure your testing campaign(s) and pointing your traffic to Upptic’s dynamic landing page.

automated app store testing

Spark, our Algorithm

Time to relax. Sit back while our algorithm seamlessly tests through all your app store assets, automatically sunsetting low performers and moving on to the next test when it reaches statistical significance. You’ll also get notifications when we need action from you (such as uploading new creative)!

app store optimization reporting suiteReporting

At any time during the testing process, you can monitor your tests progress as your landing page improves. Track asset performance, time to next learning and conversion over the lifetime of your app.

One-Click Export

Whenever you have a new top page, or when your development team is ready to ship a new update, bundle and export your winning store page at the click of a button. No matter what, you’ll always be ready to deploy to get your highest converting page.

It’s that simple! 

Getting started with Upptic App Store Optimization

Upptic Automated App Store Optimization Start for Free
We’ve designed our entire product from the ground up to be usable by any size team, whether you’re a scrappy agile developer or a world renown publisher, we have a tool which fits your needs.

We are currently offering two promotions to help you get your next big ASO wins.

#1 Accelerated ASO Promotion

To kick off the public release of Upptic’s ASO platform we are offering a limited time promotion to help companies supercharge their ASO.

We are currently including a free Creative Jump-start package (usually worth $9,000) with any one-year unlimited testing subscription. This will ensure you have great creative to kick off your ASO testing. These assets will be developed by Upptic’s own Creative Development team, utilizing their experience developing high converting ASO and UA assets for some of the world’s biggest apps. This package includes:

Unlimited ASO testing for both iOS and Android

  • ASO Creative Audit for your app
  • 3x Screenshot Sets (includes one round of feedback)
  • 3x Icons (includes one round of feedback)
  • 3x Feature Graphics (includes one round of feedback)

#2 Start for Free Promotion

Upptic Automated App Store Optimization Start for Free


During our initial public release period we are also offering self-serve clients 3 free tests the first time they use our ASO tool.

This is a great option If you already have creative production resources ready to go, or if you’re a small and scrappy team ready to hit the ground running.