Our guest this week is Maggie Ngai, ASO Lead at Phiture. Phiture equips product and marketing teams with the skills and knowledge they need to grow apps – as well as providing growth management services.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into App Store Optimization (ASO) – from the basics of what ASO is to the details on ASO components, processes, and strategies. We also talk about Apple’s A/B testing tool and learn more about Phiture’s ethos.

Plus, we discuss some metaverse news from Disney and JPMorgan – and Snapchat’s new initiative allowing creators to make money by putting ads in their stories.

Guest: Maggie Ngai

Industry Insights
Disney has appointed a leader for its metaverse strategy
JPMorgan Is the First Bank Into the Metaverse, Looks at Business Opportunities
Snapchat will put ads within stories and share the money with creators

App of the Week
Disco Elysium


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