Our guest this week is Cameron Thom, Cross-Promotion Lead at Adikteev. Adikteev runs the world’s smartest cross-promotion stack and helps app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users, and drive incremental revenue.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into cross-promotion – including the components of effective cross-promotion campaigns. We also talk about how the privacy landscape has changed, GAID, Web3, and consolidation in the games industry. And we get to know more about Adikteev!

Plus, we discuss the latest crypto news – from Coinbase blocking access 25,000 Russian wallets to the Biden Administration’s new approach toward digital assets. We also talk about the latest strategic moves from streaming platforms Disney+ and Netflix.

Guest: Cameron Thom

Industry Insights
Coinbase blocks access to over 25,000 Russian-owned cryptocurrency wallets
President Biden to Sign Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets
Netflix acquires Next Games in Finland, publisher of ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Walking Dead’ games, for $72M
Disney+ to launch cheaper ad-supported tier later this year

App of the Week
Elden Ring
Raid Party



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