Our guest this week is Shum Singh, Managing Director & Founder at Agnitio Capital. Agnitio Capital is a fully authorized and regulated investment bank. They have been passionate about and investing in games since their founding in 2003.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into M&A and investing in the gaming industry. Shum tells us more about Agnitio Capital and the recent history of M&A and investing in the games space, we discuss the impact of the downturn of the global economy, and get predictions on how the next few years will play out for investments in the gaming space.

Plus, we discuss the news that Solana Labs is building a Web3 phone, Sky Mavis is reopening their Ronin Bridge, and Playtika is selling their controlling stake in their own company to Joffre, and more.

Guest: Shum Singh

Industry Insights
Solana Labs Is Building a Web3 Mobile Phone
The Ronin Bridge Is Open
Playtika sells controlling stake: is mobile gaming undervalued?
Another Anticipated NFT Game Makes Its Way To The Epic Games Store

App of the Week
Disney Mirrorverse


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