This week we are syndicating a panel conversation hosted by Joseph Kim of GameMakers and LILA Games featuring Warren Woodward, Brian Bowman and Matej Lančarič. 

The panel discusses a series of issues focusing on the impact iOS 14.5+ has had on running a large multi-title user acquisition portfolio. We discuss the macro KPI trends seen across the major ad networks, how to adjust your buying models to still be predictive and informative with less accurate data, and how large portfolios are actually optimizing their campaigns and creative strategies to buy profitably in the new measurement paradigm. 

Plus, the Senate introduces a new bill to regulate App Stores and Facebook outlines it’s new plan for addressing user privacy.


Joseph Kim – CEO at LILA Games
Brian Bowman – CEO at Consumer Acquisition
Matej Lančarič – UA & Marketing Consultant


Senators target Apple’s App Store exclusivity in new bill
Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and Building for the Future
Facebook is rebuilding its ads to know a lot less about you

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