Our Guest this week is Sasha Mackinnon, CEO of Mino Games. Mino Games is a Montreal-based mobile games company best known for their games Mino Monsters 1 & 2, Cat Game, and Dog Game. 

This week we discuss leadership styles and strategies in the context of building a fast-growing mobile gaming company. We dive into how mutual trust and empowering your team leads to optimal business outcomes. And we describe how to make actionable company values to drive decisions in times of ambiguity. 

Plus, LiftOff and Vungle announce their merger, Supercell launches Everdale into Public Beta, and Google’s new approach to privacy will be less heavy-handed than Apple’s.

Guest: Sasha Mackinnon


Liftoff & Vungle to Form Leading Independent Mobile Growth Platform
Liftoff and Vungle Join Forces to Form Leading Independent Mobile Growth Platform
Supercell Brings Everdale from Stealth into Public Beta
Google’s approach to privacy is ATT-lite

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