Our guest this week is Atif Khan, Ex-Facebook & Angel Investor via Range Funds Syndicate. Atif has over a decade of experience in the mobile ads industry, he helped build Facebook’s gaming business from the ground up, and, as an investor, has his finger on pulse on many industry trends.

In this episode we dissect the mobile ads industry’s macro trends specifically interrogating the role of entrenched incumbent and their challengers. We get an insider’s view of how Facebook’s business will evolve in the face of ATT, and we discuss how other industry behemoths (and challengers) are poised for the years to come.

Also, consolidation in the industry continues with Jam City acquiring Ludia and going public via SPAC, Vungle acquires Tresensa, and Apple quietly decreases SKAN privacy thresholds.   

Atif Khan

Jam City to go public via SPAC
Vungle Acquires mobile ad Creative Firm Tresensa
Apple quietly decreases SKAN privacy thresholds 

App of the Week:
Rainbow Wallet
Clash Royale


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