Our Guest this week is Christen Luciano, Strategic Partnerships at HubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM and automation platform for small and mid-market companies.

This week we discuss the intersection of mobile and B2B. We compare and contrast how B2C companies often utilize mobile apps as a core revenue driver, while B2B businesses tend to utilize apps for engagement and retention. We dive into how messaging is becoming increasingly important B2B mobile apps and we discuss the holy grail of cross-platform measurement (and why HubSpot may be uniquely positioned to solve the white whale of attribution).

Also, Pollen VC is pitching a new UA funding method, Electronic Arts Acquires Playdemic for $1.4B and Singular says ad dollars are feeling iOS ecosystem for Android.

Plus Upptic is hiring! Feel free to reach out (the chatbot in the corner works) to talk to someone about an open position.

Christen Luciano

Pollen VC now allows devs to borrow four times their game’s monthly revenue
Electronic Arts Acquires Playdemic, from WB and ATT for 1.4 Billion
$1.5B in ad spend shows iOS 14.5 is driving mobile ad spend to Android

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