Our guests this week are Annie Wong and CrypTotoro, Co-Founders of MetaMods. MetaMods provides custom moderator packages for companies looking to build and grow their online communities. Their packages include experts in security, partnerships, events, community relationships and engagement, and community growth.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into MetaMod’s business and the act of nurturing Web3 communities. From ongoing engagement to incorporating user feedback to handling toxic users, there is a lot that goes into not only building a Web3 community, but keeping it healthy!

Plus, we discuss the latest development in a potential Unity merger, the U.S. Treasury’s sanction of wallet addresses connected to Tornado Cash, Apple’s latest industry move, and more layoffs in the games space.

Guest: Annie Wong
Guest: CrypTotoro

Industry Insights
AppLovin Submits a Compelling Non-Binding Proposal to Combine with Unity
US Treasury sanctions USDC and ETH addresses connected to Tornado Cash
Apple is Building a Demand-Side-Platform
Mobile game developer Jam City lays off staff

App of the Week
Dicey Elementalist
Little Snitch


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