Upptic is excited to unveil our newest product feature release – an update to our creative workflow and digital asset management tool.

Creative development and production is an incredibly important part of any growth marketing team, increasingly so in the modern marketing ecosystem.

Creative Hub is a workflow management tool and digital asset management (DAM) platform designed for marketers and game companies. It provides an end-to-end system for managing workflows, storing and organizing assets, and creative performance analytics.

Key Features – Upptic Creative Hub:

Creative Workflow

Our workflow management platform allows you to track creative development from concept, through development, deployment, and retirement. You can assign project owners, associate tasks, track approvals, assign deadlines, and monitor progress – all in one place.

Digital Asset Management

In addition to tracking your workflow, the creative hub lets you store and organize all your creative assets in one place. Our flexible storage system allows you to build out a hierarchy however you’d like – either manually, with tags, or combine both to build your perfect hierarchy. Quickly find what you are looking for with dynamic folders and advanced search rules. You can (optionally) group your creatives by concept – storing your source files and creative asset variations within a single entity to more easily organize and track performance.

Creative Analytics

Our creative analytics suite allows you to view your creatives on a concept level in aggregate across channels, see trends across creative tags, or drill down into the specifics for channel-level creative performance.

Upptic also allows you to measure your iOS Creative ROAS using our same proprietary modeling we developed to scale our iOS UA profitably in today’s privacy era.

Supercharge your creative

Streamline your creative team’s workflow, centralize the digital asset storage, track your creative performance, and get your teams aligned across your business.

Get started with Upptic Creative Hub today!

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