While many game companies continue to grapple with challenges in data efficacy, privacy changes, and keeping up with effective creative trends, Upptic has been growing its games portfolio to its most profitable period ever.

On September 13, Upptic – with CGO, CTO, Creative Director, Marketing Director, and UA Manager – will unveil the growth playbook we use to profitably drive returns on tens of millions of dollars in ad spend per year for dozens of games.

This webinar will cover the three pillars of growth: data and analytics, creative development, and user acquisition – and how our teams operationalize these disciplines using the Upptic Platform.

Attendees will learn how to set effective goals, run granular analysis, streamline their creative workflow, improve their asset management, and better understand how to scale what is and cut what isn’t.

The webinar is free to all, but there are limited spots available, so registering early is recommended.

The first five webinar attendees to sign up for Upptic’s Growth Platform will get 70% off their first three months of service.