Today, Upptic revealed the most important thing we’ve ever done, our Game Growth software platform. Four years of experimentation and validation at scale.

Why should you care?

This is our SAAS solution for teams of all sizes, sharing the tools Upptic has used to annually scale $30M+ of profitable User Acquisition:

  • iOS UA Reborn – The most effective & easiest solution in the industry (we spend well over 2x and 2x the profitability on iOS vs Android).
  • Cross-Platform insights & reporting – PC, Mobile, Web3, regardless of source, we gather and normalize your data to drive actionable insights across your portfolio.
  • Predictive Buying Model – Quickly understand the profitability targets you need to achieve on all user segments.
  • Creative DAM Integrated with UA – Digital Asset Managers are expensive and siloed from your performance marketing. We built a fully integrated replacement linked directly to your UA workflows.
  • Community Growth Tracking – Discord and Twitter analytics, created for tracking growth of your core community for web3 and traditional games.
  • Budgeting and spend forecasting – Easily account for every dollar in your marketing budget.
  • Automated ASO – Our original Upptic ASO solution is still here, still awesome and included.
  • Priced for all teams – We don’t want small teams priced out of effective UA. It’s super affordable for all the value we’ve packed in.

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