Our guest this week is Justin “Jkey” Vogel, Co-Creator of Safary. Safary is the world’s first Web3 growth community with a mission to build the first Web3 growth playbook by connecting top growth professionals and defining what growth looks like in Web3.

In this week’s podcast we discuss what this playbook will include. Learn about the foundational challenges that Web3 apps face, growth levers native to Web3, distinct tools Web3 marketers have, and examples of projects that are executing effective Web3 growth strategies.

Plus, we discuss the latest news on Diablo Immortal, metaverse projections, and the latest hubbub around Embracer.

Guest: Justin Vogel / Jkey

Industry Insights
Diablo Immortal gets over $24 million in spending, within 14 days after launch
McKinsey & Company report predicts $5 trillion in metaverse earnings by 2030
Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Gaming Group embraces Embracer with $1B investment
CEO Comment on the Announcement of the Directed Share Issue to Savvy Gaming Group

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