Our guest this week is Natalie Rozenblat, Senior Performance Marketing Consultant at Phiture. Natalie has spent her career in the growth consultancy space helping grow mobile apps.

In this episode we investigate our own place in the industry: growth consultancies and agencies. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using outsourced growth teams, how specific expertise can benefit your company, and how unaligned incentives can hurt your growth.

Also, tons of news. Apple is updating it’s privacy to allow users to opt-out of GAID by 2021, massive privacy updates on the horizon from Apple, new simple A/B ASO conversion product from Apple, and more M&A!

Natalie Rozenblat

Google’s privacy policy update
Apple’s WWDC 2021 Keynote
Skillz to acquire Aarki
Voodoo to acquire Bidshake 

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