Explore the importance and unique aspects of gaming in India. Joining us is Shloak “Spidey” Pacheriwala – the Founder of BharatGG, an Indian games guild. Spidey challenges misconceptions about the market and discusses the opportunities in India. Learn about the demographics of Indian gamers, monetization differences between iOS and Android, the lack of local Indian game developers, the challenges of web3 gaming in India, and the role of gaming guilds in bridging the gap. Plus, get insights on Indian trends and what the next several years are likely to have in store for the Indian market.


  • India is a rapidly growing gaming market with a large user base, particularly in mobile gaming.
  • While India is a hub for games growth, there are very few Indian game studios or gaming companies.
  • The Indian gaming market is predominantly men under 30 and women over 35.
  • Localization and culturalization are important for international developers looking to enter the Indian market.
  • Web3 gaming faces challenges in India due to government regulations against cryptocurrencies.
  • Gaming guilds play a crucial role in onboarding traditional Indian gamers to web3 gaming experiences.
  • Indian gaming trends show potential for story-based games that incorporate Indian mythology and culture.

Podcast Chapters

  • 00:00 – Opening and introductions
  • 01:50 – What you should know about games in India
  • 13:00 – India’s esports explosion
  • 15:08 – Understanding Indian game development and gamers
  • 21:37 – Web3 guilds and gaming in India
  • 31:26 – India Insights: Projections and predictions
  • 37:26 – Closing and sponsor message

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