Get notes from the trenches of GDC, MAU, and NFT NYC. Spirits are high and hiring is up – even if budgets are still tight. There are hints of mobile gaming making a bit of a comeback. Following the dissection of this anecdotal evidence, we dive into the latest games industry report from Sensor Tower and – which forecasts massive growth in global spending and downloads over the next six years.


  • The gaming industry is experiencing growth and vibrancy, with events like GDC showing an energetic atmosphere.
  • Web3 gaming is gaining legitimacy and producing visually appealing games, but top tier is still not on par with web2 games.
  • The middle may be dropping out of mobile gaming market – you either need to be a giant or small, nimble company to survive.
  • The industry is recovering from the impact of COVID-19, with increased hiring and a more stable environment.
  • iOS privacy changes, such as ATT and SKAN, have likely had a significant impact on industry layoffs and shifts.
  • Non-gaming apps are becoming increasingly important and are capturing a larger share of consumer spend.
  • Asia and North America dominate consumer spend, but emerging markets offer significant growth opportunities.
  • The future of the gaming industry is uncertain, with projections and forecasts subject to various factors and trends.

Podcast Chapters

  • 00:00 – Opening remarks and intro
  • 00:39 – Notes from the Field: GDC, MAU, NFT.NYC
  • 15:26 – The bright future of mobile (according to Sensor Tower)
  • 31:43 – Outro and sponsor message

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