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Urvit Goel, the VP, Head of Global Business Development at Polygon Labs, sits down with Warren and Xander to talk about onboarding web3 gamers, the current state of web3 games, the Crypto Winter, and Polygon’s new partnership with Upptic – which will bring Upptic’s world-class growth services to select web3 game developers on the Polygon blockchain.

Urvit Goel

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All About Polygon

  • Polygon has recently partnered with Polygon using Upptic’s Games Growth Platform. 
  • Polygon’s Mission: We want to be the de facto blockchain where developers are building. Polygon has strictly focused on scaling Ethereum. 
  • Polygon is EVM compatible, which means any code used by the developer for Ethereum, also works on Polygon.
  • Polygon is not a web platform, but the underlying technology used in games.

Current State of Web3 Games 

  • If you look at the current state of blockchain gaming or Web3 gaming today, it’s actually not in a great spot. 
  • Innovation never comes from entrenched players. It has to be teams willing to fail, get back up, and fail again, and then ultimately break through.

Adoption of Crypto

  • The crypto winter is really focused on asset prices. But it actually doesn’t change how many builders are out there.
  • Crypto Winter has resulted in more quality content.
  • Play-to-earn in its first iteration was not the right model.
  • Team’s are not working to copy Axie’s original model but experimenting on the next phase of the game design. i.e. collectibility.
  • Most developers are now focused on digital ownership of assets.

Onboarding Players

  • Currently, there are a lot of developers in the ecosystem that are building a smoother on-ramp (including connecting a wallet and other integral parts to fully experience the game).
  • The way we as an industry have approached it has been very tech first, use-case second, and we’re continuing to focus on use-cases and then obviously making an onboarding experience there. It might not be the best process, but a lot of companies are working on it. 
  • Marketing strategies now include step-by-step processes on how users can experience the change in games and welcoming them to the ecosystem.

Polygon x Upptic Partnership 

  • Our partnership is strong because we have aligned missions: We believe in the power of Web3 to make more engaging games.
  • With this partnership, Upptic will be developing creatives and marketing messaging and onboarding content for teams working with Polygon. 
  • What are things preventing the teams themselves from being able to get wider scale adoption from their games?
    • Teams in the web3 space right now are really small, with little experience with UA because they’re more focused on building.
    • But with this partnership with Upptic, we’ve made it easier for developers to have access to Upptic’s UA services.


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