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Our guest this week is Alon Nafta, VP Product at Singular. Singular empowers businesses to drive growth through marketing data, intelligent insights, and automation.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into how privacy is evolving marketing measurement – from SKAN and other attribution solutions to Singular’s own recently announced private attribution cloud product. We also talk about the rise of Web3/blockchain investment and what Singular may be planning for the ability to measure attribution for Web3 products.

Plus, we discuss the latest news – like Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga, Square Enix’s NFT hopes (and Kotaku’s bias), and European carriers who are blocking Apple’s Private Relay feature.

Guest: Alon Nafta

Industry Insights
Take-Two To Bolster Mobile Game Business With Zynga Acquisition
Square Enix President Hopes NFTs, Blockchain Games Become ‘Major Trend In Gaming Going Forward’
Some European carriers are already blocking Apple’s Private Relay feature on the iPhone

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