At Upptic we’re obsessed with providing game developers with the tools and services they need to grow their games. Since our founding, we’ve partnered with over two dozen game studios ranging from soft-launch engagements with indie studios to top-grossing games and several successful partner acquisitions.

We’re constantly researching our industry and listening to developers. Recently we’ve been particularly focused on web3 technologies and the evolutions they enable for gaming. While some of our web3 partners (like Axie Infinity) continue to scale their games through established advertising channels, we’re increasingly hearing from teams seeking support in early-stage marketing and community growth.

Partnerships for games of any size

We now support game developers in three distinct stages: Early Stage, Soft-Launch, and Scaled Growth:

  1. Scaled Growth is our core offering. We bring together all functions of marketing – User Acquisition, Creative Development, and Analytics – to scale games to massive audiences.
  2. Soft Launch is for teams with products ready to test their game in the market. We progressively launch the game in new markets to test its stability, retention, and monetization.
  3. Early Stage is our new offer designed to service pre-product companies with a particular focus on Web3.

What is Web3 Community Growth and how does it work?

Optimal marketing for early-stage web3 games differs drastically from traditional user acquisition. The web3 community is highly engaged, skeptical, and generally repulsed by traditional advertising. When combined with a volatile ecosystem with high-cost entry points and a meaningful number of bad actors, the value of trust is at a premium in web3 marketing.
So how do we generate trust, engage users and ultimately drive early business KPIs? The answer is in the communities themselves.

Generating engagement from trusted communities

The core of our new offering is a community outreach and partnerships program focused on driving highly engaged members from trusted and relevant partners into your game community.

  1. We curate a list of relevant projects and communities based on your game’s niche from our Web3 community database.
  2. Based on your business KPIs, our team reaches out to leadership from partner games and projects to offer their most engaged members incentives to join your community. These partnerships can include incentives like offering presale or allowlist allocations and hosting founder AMAs to educate the partner community about your game.
  3. We then track conversion rates across your outreach program, measuring core business KPIs such as Discord and Twitter growth, presale/allowlist curation, minting activity, and long-term holder rates.
  4. We use this data to provide granular reporting on which communities are driving the most engagement, and ultimately business value.

It all comes back to trust, for you and for your community. Partner communities win by getting early access to high-growth projects, and your project can realize and measure the business value driven by the outreach program.

If you have an early stage web3 project, or game your ready to scale to the masses, let’s talk!