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Our guest this week is Cloé Dana, Co-Founder and CEO of Tempr. Tempr uses AI-powered tools to empower marketers in their UA optimization and maximize their returns.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into the world of automated predictive analytics and how it can shape UA strategy. Cloé answers all our questions regarding the technical aspects of automated predictive analytics and what marketers can expect to get out of them. We also dive into the changing data privacy landscape and ongoing issues with attribution efficacy.

Plus, we discuss the latest Ethereum news, dive into how Apple’s privacy changes have boosted its Search Ads product, and share skepticism regarding Netflix’s upcoming ad platform.

Guest: Cloé Dana

Industry Insights
The Final Countdown to the Ethereum Merge Has Officially Begun
Apple Privacy Measures Provides a Boost for Apple Search Ads and Favors Large Advertisers
Appsumer Benchmark Report
Can Netflix command premium advertising pricing?

App of the Week
Into The Breach
Apple Weather App


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