This week’s podcast is brought to you through a partnership with Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is one of the world’s leading mobile game developers and publishers . They are on the frontlines of Web3, investing heavily in a vast portfolio of Web3 projects.

Our guest this week is Bozena Rezab, Co-Founder and CEO of Gamee. Gamee is an engaging play-and-earn mobile gaming platform that rewards players for skill and effort. It is powered by the GMEE token – which enables access, action, and governance of the platform. Gamee products include the Arc8 games hub and G-Bots NFTs.

In this week’s podcast we focus on Gamee’s launchpad app Arc8 – a web3 app available in mobile app stores. Was ask Bozena about what they had to do in order to ensure they’re complaint on mobile platforms and how they’ve navigated being a web3 app on mobile devices. We dive further into engagement and business models and how working with web3 changes publishing strategies and player onboarding.

Plus, we discuss the latest DappRader report as told from two different sources, take a look at Bain’s analysis of the games industry, and converse about Limit Break’s upcoming $6.5M Super Bowl ad.

Guest: Bozena Rezab

Industry Insights
DappRadar Data Suggests Decentraland Has 38 ‘Daily Active’ Users in $1.3B Ecosystem
DappRadar x BGA Games Report – Q3 2022
Level Up: The Future of Video Games Is Bright
Gabe Leydon’s Limit Break plans $6.5M Super Bowl ad for NFT game

App of the Week
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