Our guests this week are poof and b33f of EtherOrcs. EtherOrcs is the world’s first 100% on-chain NFT game. In EtherOrcs, Orcs and their allies go on raids, pillage villages, explore the unknown, and more. Through the course of the game, players can earn better gear and more NFTs through strategic gameplay built on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this week’s podcast we dive into the world of web3 indie game development – including EtherOrcs unconventional path to market and what the creators would do differently if they had a second go at things. Poof and b33f chime in with their thoughts on the current web3 game economy and share their insights on different web3 game fundraising models. They also dive into why EtherOrcs has shunned mainstream gamers in favor of going after native web3 gamers.

Plus, we discuss the latest news from Apple – including the release of SKAdNetwork 4.0, a change to App Store policy on social media post boosts, and a change in Apple’s policy around NFTs. Additionally, we discuss Reddit’s continuing submersion into NFTs and how it’s impacting the overall marketplace.

Guest: poof
Guest: b33f

Industry Insights
Reddit Makes PFP NFTs Cool Again, Marketplace Trading Volume Surges
Apple to developers: social media post “boosts” must be IAPs, subject to platform fees
SKAdNetwork 4.0 now available
App Store Review Guideline updates now available


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