It’s a volatile time to be in mobile marketing. With Apple’s ATT rollout and vast privacy announcements upending and rewriting the rules for mobile measurement and Google beginning to roll out its consumer privacy framework, the rules for the road paid advertising have never been more in flux. Successful mobile businesses of the next decade will be the ones who act now to innovate and create a competitive edge.

App Store Optimization is the new User Acquisition

One such growth lever is app store conversion optimization and the industry is waking up to that fact. ASO affects every user regardless of whether they’re driven through UA or organic channels, therefore it’s an exceedingly important lever in a world where the precise measurable impact of UA will continue to decrease.

Day one of WWCD 2021 Apple announced its plans to allow for the creation of multiple product pages where you can modify the videos, screenshots and icons. They also announced a simple A/B conversion testing product for your primary store page. This is an acknowledgement by Apple that optimizing the app storefront is a critical lever for forward looking growth marketers, and that better tooling is needed to empower marketers.

However, even as Apple approaches parity on iOS with Google’s tooling on Android, any sophisticated practitioner of ASO knows that traditional A/B testing is costly, inefficient, time consuming and only represents a snapshot of the app’s lifecycle.

At Upptic it’s been very clear to us, the historical method for performing app store conversion optimization is incredibly inefficient. Traditional tests are set up as one-off snapshots of performance with no broader context for how a store page continues to perform over time. This ignores the broader context of how a store’s optimization develops over its lifecycle as marketers find breakthroughs in creative.

That’s why Upptic developed a more sophisticated app store optimization platform with laser focus on automation and lifecycle reporting to provide the most efficient testing process and holistic reporting developed by any ASO platform to date.

Save Time, Money and Drive Measurable Impact

Our ASO platform takes a holistic long term view of your app store conversion. Each component of our platform is designed and built from the ground up to maximize your app’s profitability over its lifetime.
We’ve drastically streamlined ASO testing both by increasing the efficiency of testing traffic (reducing cost), and automating the majority of set up and testing (freeing up team time). Here’s how it works:

One Time Setup

With Upptic ASO, you set up your app once. Upload as many assets as you’d like to test and press go. As your page gets traffic, we automatically run tests and optimize the assets you’ve uploaded, and trend the app store conversion over time.

Automated App Store Optimization Example

The most efficient ASO testing tool ever designed

We’ve reimagined the way app store optimization testing works and built a much more efficient testing process. Our new algorithm breaks down into a few components:

  1. No more A/B testing. We’ve replaced traditional ASO testing with an intelligent multivariate testing waterfall which runs a series of tests across a cluster of assets.
  2. As statistically significant findings are measured, we proactively remove losing assets from the cluster reducing budget waste and accelerating findings from the remaining assets.
  3. Once an asset has proven to be the winner within its cluster, our platform automatically moves on to the next cluster of assets. No need for human intervention, and no budget waste.

App lifecycle and granular creative reporting

Our platform provides the most robust set of ASO lifecycle reporting tools on the market. Critically we trend the performance of your app over time, measuring control and challenger assets against each other, and denoting when new assets win and are adopted.

Beyond conversion lifecycle reporting, we also provide granular metrics on the performance of specific assets within a cohort so you can learn the effectiveness of specific creative performance and trends. 

ASO Conversion Comparison

Finally, we also keep track of user behavior to see how engaged your users are both within the control and challenger segments. Our heatmap and time-on-page monitoring provide valuable understanding of how users engage with your page. 

A/B Testing for when it’s needed 

We understand sometimes you need to quickly run an assets or concept test and the easiest way to do that is to do a one off A/B test. While automated testing is the future of ASO, rest assured you can still perform basic A/B tests when the need arises. 

Test cost planning tool

The number one question we kept getting for our clients was, “how much will my test cost?”. So we built a simple solution right into our testing tool. Simply input a few parameters like conversion rate and number of assets to test, and we’ll let you know what you can expect to pay in testing traffic costs!

ASO Matters Now More Than Ever

As platform privacy initiatives continue to reduce targeting options and ad network algorithms increasingly drive the campaign optimization process, marketers’ control over the traditional levers of the UA funnel is continuing to diminish. 

Sophisticated marketing teams looking to gain a competitive edge need to find new and differentiated ways to drive performance. We believe these ecosystem changes solidify ASO as an increasingly critical lever for improving growth marketing outcomes. Let’s grow together!

Save Time Money and Drive Measurable Impact Using App Store Optimization CTA