Our guest this week is Robert Garfinkle, Director of User Acquisition at Celer Networks. Celer Networks is a layer-2 technology company with a suite of blockchain related products, including an SDK which facilitates competitive real money gameplay in mobile apps.

We discuss how Celer utilizes their technology in their first party games and how their product and business model compares to competitors. We deep dive into how user acquisition and growth strategies differ between operating a gaming platform and to traditional IAP or ad based revenue models. And, we talk about how iOS 14.5 is consolidating the power into the hands of big companies.

Also, Apple is expanding its ad businesses, ATT exists (and top games are behaving conservatively) and Nexon buys $100M in Bitcoin.

Robert Garfinkle

App of the Week:
Keto Diet
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Apple Is Expanding Its Ad Business On The Cusp Of ATT Enforcement
How top 100-grossing games show their ATT prompt?
Nexon Buys $100M in Bitcoin
ATT Prompt Grid View

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