Our guest this week is David Bluhm, Co-Founder & President at Plunk. Plunk helps homeowners increase their home value by providing analytics-driven project insights and access to verified contractors.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into innovation – including what it means to create a new business category and the challenges of being first in the space. We also dig into David’s long history of entrepreneurship – particularly gaming – and his thoughts on Web3 and the gaming industry today.

Plus, we discuss a ton of news – from Axie Infinity to E3 to the latest (and not-so-great) mobile trends.

Guest: David Bluhm

Industry Insights
Community Alert: Ronin Validators Compromised
DoF Tokenomics Podcast on the Hack
Sky Mavis Raises $150M Led By Binance, Funds to be Restored on the Ronin Bridge
Axie Infinity: Origin Is Live In Early Access!
Warren’s own Twitter thread on Axie Infinity: Origin
E3 2022 is Canceled
40% of mobile companies in US and UK suffer losses post-IDFA
Mobile game earnings were down 7% during Q1 2022 at $21bn

App of the Week
Axie Infinity: Origin
Golf Logix



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