Our guest this week is Rafael Vivas – one of the original members of AppLovin and now heading up its new app Vessel as the GM of New Initiatives. AppLovin is a mobile app growth service provider with a suite of software solutions for monetization, user acquisition, ad campaigns, and creatives. Vessel is AppLovin’s monetization marketplace for digital items on mobile games and apps, which is currently available in both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

In this week’s podcast we dive deep into crypto, NFTs, and web3 gaming – starting with why AppLovin has created a digital marketplace in the first place and why it views NFTs as an evolution of digital item ownership. We also discuss how NFTs have been misrepresented and misused so far in crypto and web3 – and what the best use cases are for them. Of course, the goings-on with FTX are also discussed – how by focusing on digital items, rather than crypto, Vessel can focus on cost-effectiveness and ease of use, instead of market movements.

Finally, we close with questions on where market opportunities lie and what developers looking to get into web3 should know about the technology and space. If you’re involved with web3 or digital monetization, it’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

Guest: Rafael Vivas


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