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We don’t have a guest this week, but we make up for it by taking a deep dive into a bunch of industry stories.

First, we touch on the news that the FTC is suing Kochava for selling sensitive location data. We read the fine print on their website and muse about how the case might go. No matter what happens though, it doesn’t cast the industry in a good light.

In more legal news, we talk about the growing likelihood of the Department of Justice (DOJ) bringing an antitrust suit against Apple. The DOJ has been investigating Apple since 2019 over allegations that it abused it’s market power to stifle competition. We dive into their anticompetitive practices.

Moving onto financial news, we talk about Gabe Leydon’s foray into Web3 with Limit Break – which has $200M in funding to build a blockchain game. Leydon was pioneer at Machine Zone with F2P games and it will be interesting to see what he does at in Web3 with Limit Break. (Gabe, if you’re reading this, come onto our show!)

We then cover the latest news from Snap – wherein they’re laying off 20% of their staff and restructuring their business around community growth, revenue growth, and augmented reality. It’s not surprising as layoffs have been happening across the industry. It still hurts to see though.

Next we discuss Netflix’s ad tier – which will include limited targeting and no third-party measurement. It sounds rather opaque, to say the least.

Finally, we wrap up with the news that Sony is acquiring Savage Game Studios, which has no commercial products yet, and discuss the larger strategy Sony seems to be executing.

Industry Insights
The FTC Sues Kochava For ‘Selling’ Sensitive Location Data
Apple faces growing likelihood of DOJ antitrust suit
Gabe Leydon’s Limit Break has $200M to make a new kind of blockchain game
Snap shares pop on plans to cut 20% of staff as part of major restructuring
Netflix ad tier will include limited targeting, no third-party measurement
Welcoming Savage Game Studios + Expanding Our Community

App of the Week
Phantom Galaxies


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