Our guest this week is Ramin Shokrizade, Founder at Arrivant. Arrivant is a game development studio focused on creating massively social games with player-to-player Play-to-Earn economies that meet the core needs of gamers – empowerment and connection – using scientific principles. They’re currently working on their first PC and mobile game: StarGarden – a team-based, auto-chess battler with RPG mechanics.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into game economies and ponzi crypto – digging into the details of why so many early Web3 gaming economies have collapsed, what the traits of sustainable and scalable Web3 game economies are, and how Web3 evolves game economies.

Plus, we discuss the latest news from Epic Games, Meta, China, and more.

Guest: Ramin Shokrizade

Industry Insights
Epic Games valued at about $32 bln in funding from Sony, Lego firm
Meta plans virtual currency, creator coins for its apps
Meta to start testing money-making tools for its metaverse
MetaMask users can now buy cryptocurrency with Apple Pay
China ends nine-month freeze on game approvals

App of the Week
Mini Motorways
Crypto Raiders



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