Our guest this week is Mike Schmid, Head of BD at Rec Room and former Head of Games BD for the App Store at Apple. Rec Room is a platform for building and playing games together. In Rec Room you can explore player-created rooms, or share something of your own, across devices ranging from phones to VR headsets.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into what makes Rec Room so innovative – including the power of voice and the convergence of different maturing technologies. We also talk about the metaverse, marketplaces, the viability of blockchain in different applications, the increasing trend of remote work, and what makes a 50% pay cut worth it.

Plus, we discuss the news that Google Play titles are coming to Windows devices. We talk about Apple’s silence on controversial ad-measurement techniques being used by some businesses. And we dig into some of the controversies surrounding Roblox.

Guest: Mike Schmid

Industry Insights

Google Play Games app coming to Windows in 2022
Apple’s Empty Threat? Silence Over iPhone Ad Workarounds Sows Confusion
Roblox under fire for stock market-like collectibles and minimal safeguarding
Roblox Pressured Us to Delete Our Video. So We Dug Deeper.
This Apple manager loved his job. He quit anyway and took a 50% pay cut partly due to the company’s stringent return-to-office policies.

App of the Week

Thetan Arena

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