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Our guest this week is Antonio Garcia-Martinez, author of New York Times bestseller Chaos Monkeys and Founder of Spindl. Spindl is creating attribution solutions for the Web3 space. They offer easy integration, Web2 and Web3 funnels, and meaningful analytics on ROI, CAC, retention, and more in an actual dashboard.

In this week’s podcast we talk to Antonio about the obstacles in measuring marketing performance in Web3 and how developing Web3 attribution will impact marketers and consumers. We also take a step back to discuss the differences between Web2 and Web3 – not just technologically, but from an ethical and human perspective – and the implications of striving for a Web3 digital marketing system that’s similar to what we know in Web2.

We also discuss the latest news about Robinhood, podcast ad fraud, and Walmart’s metaverse – as well as the “not-news” regarding Apple’s supposedly changed policy on NFTs (hint: nothing has changed).

Guest: Antonio Garcia-Martinez

Industry Insights
Apple Allows NFT Sales On Its App Store — But There’s a Catch
How Apple’s App Store Policies Squeeze NFT Startups
Gabe Leydon discussing Apple and NFTs on Twitter
Robinhood debuts new non-custodial crypto wallet with Polygon to 10K beta users
Podcasters Are Buying Millions of Listeners Through Mobile-Game Ads
Walmart Jumps Into Roblox With Launch of Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play

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