Upptic and Adikteev are partnering to offer premium retargeting service and at a best-in-class price. This exclusive retargeting offer provides preferred pricing and perpetual incremental ad spend credit to Upptic clients. Now Upptic partners can scale their retargeting efforts more efficiently than their competitors. 

Given recent tumult in the games marketing it’s critical to maximize the impact of every ad dollar. Retargeting is a critical lever for driving engagement and reactivations for your highest value players.

How does this offer work?

For Upptic clients who want to test or scale retargeting, Adikteev will provide 15% credit for additional retargeting ad spend in perpetuity. In a time of budget cuts and uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to invest in your games’ growth.

Why Adikteev?

Pre-launch analysis: Adikteev offers an in-depth pre-launch audit to analyze your games’s audience and identify and recommend a custom retargeting strategy to address your pain points.

Creative Studio: Adikteev offers in-house creative design studio to build specialized creative to empower your retargeting campaigns.

Incrementality Measurement: Adikteev has a proprietary transparent incrementally measurement system to ensure your campaigns hit your marketing goals.

If you want to grow your games to massive audiences or are ready to test a best-in-class retargeting solution, let’s talk!