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Our guest this week is Quinn Campbell, VP of Growth at Sky Mavis. Sky Mavis is the creator of Axie Infinity – the world’s most popular Web3 game by DAU. In addition to Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis also hosts a marketplace to buy and sell in-game assets, a wallet for digital items and currencies, and Mavis Hub, a launchpad for promising blockchain games.

In this week’s podcast we talk to Quinn about Sky Mavis’ approach to bringing Axie Infinity to the mainstream F2P audience. We drill down into the original drivers of growth for Axie Infinity, issues with the original game economy, how the game has evolved and what the next generation of Web3 games need to be prepared for, applying mainstream gaming playbooks to Axie Infinity, working with “necessary evils” such as mainstream app stores, the term “free-to-own”, and persisting Web3 stigmas.

We also discuss the White House’s first ever framework for crypto and AppLovin’s new blockchain project, Vessel.

Guest: Quinn Campbell

Industry Insights
White House Publishes First Ever Framework for Crypto
White House Fact Sheet for Crypto Framework
Vessel website

App of the Week
Apple Wallet


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