This week we’re joined by Brian Krebs, CEO of MetricWorks. We go on deep dive into incrementality in the mobile marketing context and how it can be used as an alternative or to supplement traditional last-touch attribution. We also discuss how it is more reliable, but less certain then last-touch attribution and how the MetricWorks’ product, Polaris, offers a top-down measurement alternative for the post-IDFA era.

Also, Epic Games is making epic bets on the metaverse, and is hypercasual gaming in decline?

Editor Note: We had some latency issues during this episode. While we did have a passionate discussion, we were not speaking over each to the extent we are in the recording.

Brian Krebs



iOS 14 – The Catalyst For The Evolution of Measurement
Epic Games raises $1B for long-term metaverse plans, with $200M from Sony
Epic will lose over $300M on Epic Games Store exclusives, is fine with that
Hypercasual downloads peaked in Q1 2020, Have Dropped Every Quarter Since

App of the Week:


Academic Paper reference towards the end of the recording:

Building and Validating Media Mix Models
Bayesian Methods for Media Mix Modeling with Carryover and Shape Effects
Challenges And Opportunities In Media Mix Modeling

Causal Inference
Multivariate Bayesian Structural Time Series Model
The Importance of Being Causal
Florida’s Opioid Crackdown and Mortality From Drug Overdose, Motor Vehicle Crashes, and Suicide: A Bayesian Interrupted Time-Series Analysis (Paywall)
Balancing, Regression, Difference-In-Differences and Synthetic Control Methods: A Synthesis
Using Synthetic Controls: Feasibility, Data Requirements, and Methodological Aspects
Inferring Causal Impact Using Bayesian Structural Time-Series Models

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