This week marks the conclusion to Season 3 of App Talk with Upptic! Instead of having a guest this week, we’re taking a moment to reach out to you, our listeners, and highlight the latest from Upptic – such as our new Web3 Community Growth services and partnership with Arrivant.

P.S. we’re hiring!

But don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you without the latest industry insights and a couple neat apps! In this week’s episode we also discuss the latest news regarding Bored Ape, Square Enix, Activision Blizzard, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple. There’s a lot going on!

And, as always, we close with a couple of our favorite apps.

If you have a topic you think we should cover, or you’d like to be a guest yourself, reach out to us at or via @Upptic on Twitter.

Thank you for listening to us this season! See you in a few weeks!

Industry Insights
Bored Ape NFT company raises around $285 million of crypto in virtual land sale
Bored Ape Yacht Club creator’s metaverse mint rocks the Ethereum blockchain
Embracer acquires Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal for $300m
Square Enix Sells Deus Ex, Tomb Raider Studios to Fund Blockchain, AI Projects
Good Twitter thread on Square Enix news
Activision Blizzard sales and engagement tumble
Facebook shares spike on better-than-expected quarterly earnings
Alphabet reports weak earnings and revenue on big YouTube miss
Apple shares dip after company warns of a possible $8 billion hit from supply constraints

App of the Week
Ether Orcs: Dungeons


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