Web3 technology is rapidly evolving the games industry and with it the needs of gaming growth teams. That’s why we launched our new Web3 Community Growth service – an optimal solution for growing your early adopter community with advocates from the web3 ecosystem via strategic partnerships.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our first Community Growth partnership with Arrivant to grow the community for Project Eluüne.

Arrivant’s core team has an incredible pedigree, working on games like Gods Unchained, World of Tanks Blitz and Call of Duty. We’ve been longtime fans and are incredibly excited to help grow their games to massive new audiences.

“Growing and nurturing our core community, and including them on our journey of creating Project Eluüne is an essential piece of our company and mission. Building that community through value-aligned partnership and outreach is a key part of scaling organically, so we are very excited to join forces with Upptic to help chart the path forward in this next phase of growth!”

– Meg McWilliams, Founder & COO at Arrivant

To learn more check out the Arrivant website, or check out our recent interview with Arrivant’s Lead Designer Ramin Shokrizade.

If you have an early-stage web3 project or game you’re ready to scale to the masses – let’s talk!